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IGCBG.COM is an IT Company that offers its clients a big variety of services and products: high quality services in web design, web development, system and network administration, domain registration, web site promotion, SEO - search engine optimization and submission. We can build, host and promote your site in Internet
We also develop different types of software especially for our clients, according to all their requirements!
On our web site you can find all the information you need for our services and products: web design, SEO, software, administration. Wish you good time!

Exceptional approach

We offer our clients unique services and products. We consider that everyone have very specific needs and demands. IGC is a new type of company, that accept every client as a new challenge that requres a completely different solution.

Out of the common

We offer a completely new ideas of web design. Our web desiners prefers the challenge of the unlimited opportunities and the freedom of the art. Our imagination and your requirements are our only limits.

Web analytics

Constructing a website is not enough. It must work to fulfill the functions with which you have entrusted in its construction. Building a corporate website is an investment. We offer to all companies which are interested in the status of your website for free to receive analysis of their existing website to direct them to any problems that give a reflection of usage of the website.


We would like to bring to your attention the new IGC solution – Internet PR. Internet PR is a conceptually new solution with integrated SEO services, internet marketing, and other website promotion tools. The objective of Internet PR is to provide an overall solution to enable you to create a positive image of your company and improve its online competitive position. Internet PR will contribute to the development of your website and will allow it to reach top positions in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Certainly, we are able to provide you the positive comments you need in the global network and attract new visitors to your website.

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Analyze Your Site

Constructing a website is not enough. It must work to fulfill the functions with which you have entrusted in its construction. Building a corporate website is an investment. We offer to all companies which are interested in the status of your website for free to receive analysis of their existing website to direct them to any problems that give a reflection of usage of the website. The analysis we offer include:

1.1 Assessment of current position in search engines.
1.2 Assessment of graphic design (web design)
1.3 Evaluation of usability.
1.4 Analysis of selected keywords and phrases.
1.5 Analysis of the underlying meta-tags.
1.6 Analysis of the structure of the site.
1.7 Analysis of the contents.
1.8 Analysis of the code.

If you want our opinion on the quality of your corporate web site please fill out the form, which is below and within 72 hours you will receive our analysis.

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Our Web agency works together with our present and future clients, in order to develop and realise whole concepts for successful Web/internet presentation.


The Web and internet presentation is a key moment in each business, which aims at developing client’s range and volume of sells, while reducing, at the same time, the marketing costs and the service before and after purchase.

Well performed internet presentation, functionally and visually, creates your image before potential clients. This is why we do believe that your image must be excellent and corresponding to your corporate identity in any respect.

Internet and the Web as media and virtual space, give you and your business access to potential clients, who you can not reach by advertising in other media (because of social and geographical factors).Internet and the Web gives you the opportunity to better communicate with and service your clients, to offer them the possibility to get information about you, your products and services, without being necessary to be at present and avoiding high costs for support of advertising and commercial spaces.

We offer planning and construction of Web/internet sites, their support and redesign, as well as current upgrading.

The developed from us Web sites are based on whole concepts, corresponding to the audience. They have unique design and their rendered code is in compliance to the up-to-date browsers and ways of creating content.

Nowadays its important not only to have an Internet site but also to be find easily in the biggest search engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista. That's why we offer our clients some services that can help them achieve some better results.

User-based service

The scope of our user-based services is concentrated on the user interface of computer software, Web sites and Web applications

The research, regarding the use of your Web site or application, results in increased efficiency during the use of your products, in more satisfied clients and in increase of real product sales

The improvements related to the use of your interface, asses the degree of user interaction with the product, which gives you the opportunity to implement improvements, facilities and intuitive use

An essential part of the analysis, that has been made, aims at detecting how your clients use your Web site or application, at identifying causes for possible problems and confusion that might repel users.

The possibility of researching the user target group, defines the choice of approach to achieve it. Often, user interfaces are reorganized and specifically reconstructed, in order to offer suitable navigation and structure for each target group.

Planning of intuitive user interface

The construction of functioning application or Web site, based on good strategy and concepts is precondition for the success of each undertaking. The daily use of user interface with good visual outlook and graphic design, leads to its habitual use and routine, which reflects the interaction between user and user interface. We offer development, planning and construction of user interfaces, concentrating on their intuitive use and use efficiency

The intuitive use of a given user interface, contributes to the comfort of users, increases the potential group of clients and creates a feeling of satisfaction from the use, which reflects on the perception of the application, Web site or Web decision as reliable

The efficiency and the time needed for the performance of a certain activity by your application or Web site, contributes to the positive assessment of users, which shows their loyalty and impression, as well as your advantages among your competitors

Our services include construction of visual and/or functional models of user interface, giving you the opportunity to analyse the degree of its usefulness or apply results from already conducted analysis for usefulness.

Analysis of existing Web sites

If you already possess a website and would like to receive objective assessment about it, we could issue a report, which to contain the advantages and shortcomings of your site, as well as recommendations for changes and improvements.

Construction and editing the content of Web site

Web and internet as media have their specifications, typical for all other types of media. On the other hand, preparing suitable materials for publication in internet or on the Web, is different from writing materials for the press or television

The specific way of preparing, formulating and presenting information, transferred in internet or Web content, necessitates knowledge about the use of this content

We offer services for production of materials, edit already existing ones and prepare texts, which to be published on the Web or in internet

The results of well a presented content, contributes to the expansion of your Web site audience and to the accurate attendance of their needs.

This is demo

This is demo

This is demo

System for staff recruitment and selection (web application)

The system is integrated with an existing website and its main function is to provide information on company’s vacant job positions enabling direct job application for these positions. The system management module encompasses a wide range of options, such as:


1.Job type classification
2.Classification of job postings
3.Job applications review
4.Applicants change of status- eligible, satisfactory, non-eligible, non-classified
5.Applicants filtering according to their status


1.In type of job selection – view all job postings
2.In job postings selection – view a list with all applicants including name, date of application, phone, e-mail, status: eligible, satisfactory, non-eligible, non-classified /The applicant receives current status/
3.In applicants selection – view full data of the candidates and edit their status.

Basic options of public section:

1.a page for HR recruitment and selection– the page is divided in job type categories and contains a heading, short description, publication date, closing date, and “more” button
2.a page for job application which contains: a heading, short description, date of publication, closing date, standard application form including: name, address. phone, e-mail, CV sample form, CV attachment option

Project Management System (local or web application)

The system operates with both local computers and servers allowing users to use different operation methods in accordance with their needs. The main objective of the system is to provide distinct and accurate task and subtask assignment, and easy tracking of each task execution.


6.Project task assignment
7.Assignment of task priority and the option of determining that certain activity cannot be started before completion of a task
8.Assignment of task executive (manager)
9.Budget assignment for each stage of the project
10.Input of information for all executives (managers)
11.Assignment of task deadline
12.Input of actual costs of a task
13.Input of actual spent time for task execution
14.Assignment of each task check points
15.Determination of working hours on a calendar


Task view option in different aspects: in diagrams, charts, lists, etc.

Computer data protection is connected with data storage policy and system development so at to prevent the loss of important data and quick data recovery in case of intentional harmful acts.

Corporate IT security is connected with development of policies and systems for company data protection from third persons’ or company employees’ intentional harmful actions.

Main options for data protection:

  • Provision of necessary hardware
  • Provision of automatic back-up systems for separate data carriers
  • Development of data storage policy
  • Network development and configuration

Main options for development of corporate IT security:

  • Development of systems and policies for computer data protection
  • Provision of necessary hardware in accordance with project requirements
  • Provision of necessary software in accordance with project requirements
  • Development of hierarchical data access system
  • Development of computer system protection against an unauthorized access
  • Development of computer operation tracking system preventing unauthorized access and data leakage
  • Additional options in accordance with client’s requirements

This is demo